Yet again another great video Jade!! Lots of love 💜💜

That was cool thx for the projects now i can make my own

No society can progress in this modern age, if they cling to customs from 1300 years ago!

I love how people in the comments are all like “I don’t have IDIOT friends and family who speak like that! The average person doesn’t go off on tangents or use a smaller vocabulary.” Perfectly demonstrates how out of touch they are. They just loath the common man and think they’re part of some royalty or intellectual class.

I’m very disappointed.

We’ve known each other for so long

Alejandra Vélez, Camilo Piñeros y Geraldine Santana.


China grew rapidly only because it was so far behind and a lot of growth was due to centralized planning such as building 5 lane highways that were empty after completion that cyclists used them.

My mother language, Moroccan Darija, dropped all noun cases, but we still have to learn Standard Arabic at school anyway. 😛

Thank you President Obama for allowing the most lunatic fanatic country in the world to have nuclear weapons!

Who else noticed the typo for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night?

What. When was this cAncelled 😭😭😭😭😭

Lily and Marshall teaching economics


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