Nice belt buckle lmao

Sooo….does that mean @mkbhd had a better camera game than marvel all this time?

Love all your economics video, could you make a video about how to answer 25 mark question, that would be great

Why is it always nuclear power that gets the blame… Our greedy lifestyle is what to blame here not science…

However, you cannot have everything!

For what we are, at least meaning is useful in shaping our reality to better understand it with art, symbolism, and language. Without meaning how would we communicate and know how each other’s feels? Feeling is what, some chemical telling my body this… No shit. That’s how it works but describing how emotions feels no scientific equation could explain personal experience. If it’s all meaningless why does anyone have to suffer from the hands of narcissistic megalomaniacs?


I subscribed to the website and after 15 days using the System

Paul how many languages do you speak?!

If Russia puts an export tax on logs and the supply of logs is inelastic and the demand for logs in China is elastic then:

Fake, fake, fake… and gay!

Read my name, trust Mel Gibson was shit

How we getting screwed, a crash course. Hehe

LeVar Burton is amazing and honestly dosen’t like he aged at all since I watched reading rainbow 📖🌈 in like 2002-2005 Reading Rainbow is the BEST!!!! 💜🌈✨



I saw this at school between 2014-2015

Hi liz, can we write in any academic essay that ‘I agree with this statement to some extent’

Let me sum up: Hollywood is out of original ideas.


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