Just wanted to say thank you! Keep doing what you are doing. I’ve learned more from you in 2 hours then I have in the entire semester. Just goes to show you what a difference an amazing teacher has on your learning!

This is how the future looks

At 643 its all messed up. it shows the government only giving. TAXES. (taxation is theft)

Assuming ( ? ) that The Supreme Court Justices are amoung The Smartest People on the Earth; How can they possibly assert some system of laws, which are insanely convoluted ( bordering on Chaotic Randomality ), that are in any sense adhering to an axiomatic foundation of ‘morality’ which has some correlation with ‘justice’ or worse; The Law — upon everyone. Are they just a bunch of dicks?

My Ans) Quite a few children in recent times have a tendency of leading not so healthy lifestyle……

Kipsian 😂

Steve Jobs

She left out the biggest part of how and why he continually says ‘believe me’ before and after he says something; it’s to trick his audience, when he’s lying. The listeners don’t focus on the ‘believe me’, they focus on the statements in between, but the ‘believe me’ is sort of a subconscious hook to get them to think that he’s telling the truth. We see him do it again and again, with statements where it turns out he’s lying to us.

Although my Korean is still conversational level as it’s self-taught.

This is great, I love it!

He just described my 48 year old daughter… She gets it from her mother, That’s why I dumbed her mother many years ago. I was hoping she might change when she saw all it got her mother was a early grave….

So… when the next election comes will they make another episode?(im holding on to all hopes)

Amazing, I needed this badly – Thanks! Hope you make it bright & make it far.

I actually prefer this over the DCEU’s color grading because they fit the overall theme of the movies themselves better. The thing that differentiates the MCU from the DCEU is that it is more realistic even though it’s all fictional. DCEU films have had this dark filter to it which makes it all the more fictional. The MCU delves into how human these characters are even though some of them are gods and beings from other galaxies while in the DCEU, most of what we’ve seen are basically gods fighting other gods. Some of you may be saying “What about Suicide Squad then?” well did you see how god-like the villain of that movie and how outrageous (not in a good way) they defeated her? DCEU’s color grading actually works great for them and same goes for the MCU films. Changing the MCU films color grading to what other movies have would make it generic. Well that’s just my take on it.


Yes. They should. Many smokers were alive during a time in which the government allowed advertisements to be aired which claim smoking is GOOD FOR YOU. Those people are just facing the reality of that now. Gambling is a disorder, and mental weakness which should be treated the same way alcoholism should be treated; with respect and a plan to get the people out of the obsession.

The art in this is amazing.

I dont get it what u say in 0:03

Hi great video! Have you got any content on the new gcse wjec 2015 spec? Please let me know:)

That Philip Glass in the beginning really gets to me.


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