Being British, and having a Northern english accent, one of the MANY we have(in some places you can get down to the street where a person lives, or a part of a town), I once went to a Renaissance fayre in texas and they used a “british” accent well being from here i heard intonations from every single place. it amused me and hurt me at the same time. later on i met someone in one of the malls in america and he was from 8 miles from where i lived in the UK, and as we spoke our accents got broader and broader, more dialect based and the people we were with got confused as they couldnt understand the accent. As if we were speaking another language.

OK I do not support the notion that a genius is ‘created’ by education. Some are born to this brilliance and some are not. But even a genius can be an uneducated person if they grow up in isolation.

American privlige is what this is. Ok, facts. Nobody is stopping women from going into STEM. Nobody stops men from going into the creative arts or womens studies fields. Yes it is annoying hearing about a shirt with boobs on it for the first time since the 5th grade. Please do not tell me that I take pleasure in womens struggles because I disagree with your well groomed opinion. Here’s why I don’t like it. DISPITE THE INTENTIONS OF ACTIVISTS, THIS MAN, THIS TOTAL DORK WAS BULLIED AND HARRASED UNTIL HE CRIED APPOLOGIZING TO THE PUBLIC. The people behind have a lot in common with the people behind This kind of public humiliation and forced morality is childish and pathetic. On both sides.

Im suprized how famous she is.

I liked the way he said I was going to win with my essay.

The community shouldn’t have accepted thug.

The funniest shit I’ve seen in weeks

Why are the hosts talking like 1st grade teachers? I feel like crashcourse just took a nosedive in quality because of this series.

But not in agricultural Europe of the Middle Ages, NOT in natural tribes in Africa and the Americas,

Tom Sawyer

Very helpfull

What am I afraid of losing? FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I find it ironic that people complaining about his shirt tend to also be for abortion and use the excuse “its my body I can do what I want” so let the man wear what the fuck he wants then! Its his fucking body its not like you’re gonna get fucking cancer or some shit -_- Its pathetic that people complain about such meaningless stuff The other day I was kicked out of a store because one of my tattoos is a girl in a bikini riding a motorcycle and when I asked the lady why. she said “its offensive and you’re objectifying women” thing is that the tattoo is supposed to be my girlfriend (she likes to ride my bike in a bikini 😉 When I told her she went red but still kicked me out (I think she just was to embarrassed to have me stay XD)

So wheres the protoss?

Nice teaching

The professors lecturing and on spot teaching ability is amazing. Great job.

Lol, oh alex, you sassy little thing!

Yes, Comletely agree, he looks loke Obama very much. :-)) And he is great on explaining things….Awesome!


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