Best part of the movie was this gentleman’s learning, message and remorse. [3:59]

I really liked the last book (no book at all)

Hinduism is not a religion it is a false political order with a foundation of a pyramid scheme to enfranchised over a 1/3 of the population. How does the Western World call India the “largest” Democracy? That is a lie. Why isn’t the World Court, United Nations etc., speaking loud about these Human Rights Violations?

Please upload video in 720p hd

My dream is to go to mit and becone an engineer but not the bad kind i want to nake reusboe materials, solar/ battery powered vechiles for land space and sea i wabt to expand human life to other planets not to leach planets but to buuld new homes that stand green. planets with no fyel buring no eco destruction i want to create a world reborn i have the ideas i know how to work them i do not have the resources but i will do what i need to to get them i will make this change

Thanks for the kind words, Joseph. They are appreciated. Let me know anything else you need.

Why couldn’t EA leave Westwood Studios alone.

6-9 page paper due in 3 hours. Haven’t started.

Mam i have vocabulary problem. what should i do to improve it bcz i don’t remeber complex words too long

I have my moccs tomorrow lets see if its the same paper. Clinging onto that hope

You just stay and think how world is bad becouse of this video


Charlamagne a dumbass.

Moreover scientists are very rational, evidence-based researchers,

Got through the whole video and wrote drum roll please THREE SENTENCES! WHOOOOO GO ME

We’d just spent a lesson learning about utilitarianism so we all said yes, and my teacher said that was the problem with it, that it had convinced a class of 13 year old girls that torturing an innocent child is okay.

What about my teacher in the third grade literally needed a microscope to see also it depends but it’s mostly miniature

Hey, great video thanks! I would personally start off with the supply shifting left diagram but that’s just me. If anyone’s dreading the essay, it’s very similar to taxation! It’s a cost to the business, that’s the basic principle.

MC Kristian

Dude as a programmer majoring in game design, I wish I had this game when I was first learning programming! This is an amazing tool, awesome!

I feel like the May Bird trilogy of books (May Bird and the Ever After, May Bird Among the Stars, and May Bird: Warrior Princess) by Jodi Lynn Anderson are criminally underrated! Everyone should definitely read them.

Ma cave of horror 1 mg acid

This guy is so overrated.


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