I fucking love this guy. xD

Lao Tzū, by PO CHÜ-I:

@rmcdaniel423 And your view of tolerance is typical of non-Christians. You believe tolerance is love. If you love your neighbor you will not tolerate things that cause him pain.

I got got kinda bored and stopped watching.

The 6 sector model which I prefer and use can be developed to allow one to investigate government policies after the introduction of decision-making properties to the various sectors (entities).

Am not free in america anymoreland of chains home of expensive! but we still can make it better

Though, this is 80s Chomsky. I wonder how he would feel about the media today.

Where they’d find this woman. How dare she compare Trump with ordinary people! He speaks like a grade schooler, not like one of us lady!!!

Thanks..Its helps me lot…

It is really weird hearing Mike say ‘content’ like a not-pirate.

Picard: “This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist.”

That’s great

If you forget about the meme, this is actually an amazing song

Sorry, but in the western corner of the Pyrenees lies the Basque Country, the land of the basque language, the las preindoeuropean language of Europe. So the map isn´t accurate

What the hell is this guy talking about?


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