Communism: Abolition of private party

Why Don’t YOU do your hw HOW DOUT DAT?


Humans: lets kill animals!

OMG everything he said is true this help me a lot

I got my eyes on you pussy grabber 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I have my IELTS tomorrow and I am really nervous 😩

I to, if somebody pay, I help everybody

Long and short reveal each other

NO. The women on that shirt weren’t his competition, they were an idealized representation of “reward.”

The Answer *

Thanks dani

What about english th sound? This os the most awkward sound 😀

You know, I would be happy if the “1 minute sraight look at a female” law existed.

2. learn phrases. don’t just cram new words into your head.

Thanks it’s awesome. i really need help in essay writing for my competitive exam. im practicing to write and essay but i don’t know rather it’s correct or wrong i meant to whom check my essay to be correct me.

1:26 the guy sleeping lol

My score 320 I’m nine and it says 9-16 in my opinion I have a mind of a bit of a child a tween and a bit of a teen so it’s right

Dude i like many of your vids but this is some pretentious bullshit… trying to make some profound statement based on a shirt

“You be good, See you tomorrow.

Who owns the AI/Robots? (Those who developed it. Those who paid for the development. Facebook, Google, Intel, Nvidia, IBM…)

Study listening this or Mozart, with blueberry juice and dark chocolate, trust me it works.


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