Part of why I Love the Kingkiller chronicles books is that Kvothe’s journey is nothing like this patern

There’re no such a thing as “cases” in Chinese. Words, by which I mean characters, simply don’t change. But if the characters change due to different cases, that would add a whole new level of complexity to it and it would be a total disaster.

Though I like Blanchett’s performance of Dylan, I really don’t think her vocal imitation of Dylan was that good – far too articulate.


Simply put… Freedom is economic freedom for those assholes… the government should be strong enough to protect corporates interests and weak enough not to question consolidation of power by corporates B. S.

It makes me sad that the NY accent is going away.

Nowadays, social status and material possession of a person is rather important as they help him/her a better life; howerver, in my opinion, real a person’s worth is considered old-fashioned values, such as hornor, kindness, trust and social status and material possession anymore. Only social status and material possession are not full to judge worth of a person.


Such an amazing executed video. Loved this, earned a subscriber.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore


The american revolution had nothing to do with the voice of citizens. Even Benjamin Franklin wrote how the revolution was rooted in an economic conflict between the US and the UK. The US wanted economic independence from the Bank of England and not pay taxes to it. This video has lost my interested because the lecture seems to be vastly ill or under-informed in the surrounding works and facts in multiple places. Even the presumption that Germany wouldn’t comply before the US is totally politically biased. Either side is equally capable of non compliance. An example being the over 60 illegal wars waged by the US after WW2 that go against the UN treaty. We must remain objective if we are to maintain intellectual rigour.

This video is very, very informative. Thanks. just that it is not so clear. Is there any way of getting the original copy of it?

The problem with the OJ thing is that the actor sounds WAY more emotional than OJ’s flat pan. I get that its meant to be artistic, but I feel like that it was only done to make OJ more likeable, for what ever dumb reason they come up with. The guy write a book about how he WOULD have killed them if he did it… Who the FUCK dose that?

So many comments are completely missing the point.

Age of Mythology should not be even in honoroble mention, other top games were Stronghold, empire earth


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