If youre doing your essay on a passage from a book, should the intro be about the whole book or just the passage?

That never happened. JK

You people are insane. Not to mention you claim to be good people, tolerant of different individuals etc. but immediately once a person with a slightly different personality to the mindless, soulless cleaned out non-personality drones that most politicians are enters, you go full hyena…completely intolerant, bully-mentality, inhuman, just like all the reds before you. Absolutely insane, inhuman, intolerant, raving fanatics!

Isn’t there purpose simple?

Remyj15 is my Instagram 😂🙈💖 love you xxx

Don’t do economics please. It’s useless. Please do videos about real, useful topics, like medicine or astrophysics.

OMG!!!, he speaks so fast :(((

Economics in Alevel lower six student

The 1 thing people had better learn to pay attention to is that once you elect a president your stuck with him for 4 years no matter what he did to get elected or what he does while he’s in office.

Gary fff, admit to the fact that you are just homophobic!!!!!!!!! Having depression has nothing at all to do with anyones sexual agenda,,, being depressed is NOT A JOKE,,,,& not a pleasant situation of health to be in at all,,,,,,PLZ do your research b4 you comment nxt time,,,eg put your brain in2 gear 1st,

Hi! Can I borrow your source Code in this HRM. I badly need for my project! pls


God first created animals. Then he wondered what would happened if one of them got supersmart. So..he tried that with apes..

Like if your so tired but have an exam so you study anyway

“Wanna go eat.”

I never use writing music it’s always so boring i once tried to found myself asleep

Please i need to learn more about main body

Great sharing video, this’s call “activity teaching method ” , when I was student in tokyo, teachers use the same programmer let international student to learn Japanese language. I glad to hear and give me a lot of memories back again on YouTube video. Thank you.

Much of this is beautiful, and much of it is so deeply sad, that it breaks my heart…but I suppose, that makes sense. Because humanity can be so wonderful, so creative and filled with love….and then so incredibly dark and ugly. To think of the things that most Americans complain about…I don’t have the latest iphone, my car isn’t new enough, I’m not skinny enough. Ugh. The narcisism, self-interest and disconnect from nature. Capitalism and globalization. It is truly disgusting how much money and greed rule this world.

I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

I might actually do my summer reading now cause it sounds way more interesting now

Actually it doesn’t


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