What? About 6000 text layers in AE?!? 🙂

Please do re as I’m in yr 9 and I’m doing my exam early in May! Xx

It is good but not compared to the reggaeton :v

Yeah, but you gotta admit, that ghost at the end was pretty spooky. He’s after mu children? DRONE THEM!

Man you need to be slow at the important moments

Olympe De Gouges approves this.


Ted talks suck as a general rule. It’s like reading a magazine — highly enticing, but ultimately unsatisfying and forgettable.

I got 290, so 16-21. Makes sense. The description describes me to a T.

For dogs = kutyákért / ebekért (causalis-finalis)

Nothing what so ever.

My second video and I am feeling motivated. Thank you very much.

Wow we bosses came a long way

2. Persistence


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