Learnt? lol, really?

Where does macroeconomics look at the Depreciation of Durable Consumer Goods? Don’t all cars wear out? So dont consumers lose Net Worth on the junk?

Quedo darck echo?

i think it would be cool to do a list that culminates different forms of literature or subgenera’s of literature; perhaps best plays ever written or epic poems. perhaps best american authors so you can lump in Arthur miller or Tennessee Williams into these lists (to name a few authors who deserve their recognition)

European mountain ranges and forests to spread themselves; could bypass

>”Immersion doesn’t work”

George bush sounded pretty dumb…

Is there anyway you could sell your revision notes, practice essays etc? Or anyway you could show them in anyway? Xx

But red is the colour of communism, so it’s not offensive

So where does GoT fit

Please do more

This film is sort of a guilt trip to get humanity to understand love.

Long term: Filter model of the world: shaper of meaning, emotion, action

Wonderful and clear visualization of the HR concepts. Good job.

I cried when he read a Lolita quote, that book was, to me, a religious experience.

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I can’t believe that their initial response is vague. My reason for not turning the steering wheel is because at the moment I decide to turn the steering wheel it will be an intent to kill. However, if I notice that my breaks do not work that is something beyond my control and due to that my car will go a specific route well that is something I do not have control over but I do have control if I decide to turn the steering wheel. Therefore, I would allow the natural course of actions to take place.

Caucasus not Caucuses :p anyway keep up the great work!

I want to personally contact with you

Sweet game introduction! looks fun, thanks blitz

I would go to my mom and tell her “mom, I would love both of the things but I want to know your perspective. how do you want me to recognize as a soldier who fought for his country or as a great song who stood by her mother.


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