Yay! Joseph Campbell! =D This episode was fascinating! Really, I loved it! Theory is very interesting. I’m gonna read more on it later. Thanks, Crash Course! You guys make learning even more fun than it already is. =)

Everyone chooses lose yourself. Pick a different Eminem track.

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Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons

I don’t get the game at all

Automation like robots in the future can conquer the whole world.

The need for law to be enforced in the face of internal or external

What the hell! I’m Hungarian and I’m shocked embarrassed that I did not know about how racist India is. How on earth India can get way with this? Westerners are totally in the dark about this. I feel like I want to vomit after watching this movie.

Rawls is wrong. The Veil of Ignorance is meaningless, since our real decisions are (supposedly) rational and informed.

I am taking college comp again for the first time again in 14 years. After writing in the business corporate world for 10 years, I was scared to re-learn the old fashioned way! I will be watching all of your videos! This is the best! I was searching online pre class next week. I was instantly Grabbed and within 2 min got all the tools I need to produce great papers this semester. I am sooo excited. Thank You!

Vox news channels propaganda tactics explained (soros puppets)

Hi, can i do paraphrasing first then concessions, i know cant be done in all topics but if any topic where both can be good to go so can i do that, bcz by this my introduction of 40 to 50 words it will complete easily, what you suggest it will give me good band score?

You call it a PVC pipe. I call it a wand

What does she say at 0:27 ?

My whole body is Coverd in goosebumps omg good job man

Tony, thanks for changing my life drastically.

Dose green screen skillz are insane tho. Made my nipples real hard

I’m in middle school

So beautiful and smart bird! Bravo!

You Don’t Even Know by Sue Lawson

My teacher showed this in class

2. to the world =


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