Lmao that’s so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ข

Military spending is so high because it saves lives. like the navy’s new railgun. its range is over a hundred miles with the projectile’s speed exceeding mach 7! this single weapon out classes anything that out possible enemies have. This weapon is going to be tested this year with total cost estimated to be around the 22 BILLION mark. Break through tech is expensive you don’t have to look far to find many examples of that. This spending is necissary to protect everything we have. America was at war at the time but look at the manhattan project with the price tag of over 23 billion is todays dollars. If we hadn’t of made the nuke possible who knows what could of happened. Upon landing of the beaches of Japan the estimated body count for the us according to Mcarthur would have been around 50,000 and many times that number for the Japanese and those number are just for the beaches never mind the campaign to defeat the rest of the main land.

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This is what spore should have been…

The Shah was placed in power due to American efforts, even having to be persuaded by America to take power in 1953. His regime was heavily supported by the U. S. and when he cracked down on all secular possible opposition to his rule the only organizations which had survived were the religious ones so they were able to take and organize a power structure. This was not hard to see and that is a major reason why there was so much anti U. S. sentiment.

Who were before the Indo-Europeans? Who was in Italy before the Romans? Who in Greece before the Greeks? Etc

I agree with most of your points but actually pollution is not worst now, it is really getting better

Iran’s revolution must be acknowledged as one of the most successful revolutions in the history of the humankind.

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But even for us it’s hard to empathize with every bad thing that happens around the world. contribute locally.

My teacher showed us this video and we had a big debate about this in class because a girl found it offensive [ to be honest she finds everything offensive cause god forbid if we even say one word about black lives matter or anything like that ] and so this Mexican looking kid stood up and said to her “You think I can’t support Dondald trump because he’s trying to deport me? I support him because hes protecting me. Not Mexicans. Hes protecting Americans.” And she later posted on her Instagram that “his uncle tido was deported” and that “I’m one out of the two black people in this class with all these dusty ass white people.” We seriously just watched a video about this and you literally just did what they did in that video.

I was screaming at the screen only to figure out I was wrong ๐Ÿ˜… hope to see more

What was the name of the case being discussed here?

I say we get rid of false gods,,,,

Wow Gatsby? Really? I would have had 1984 at number one. I’m surprised A Clockwork Orange didn’t get a mention. Can’t help but feel Dune should have been in there too.

This video is very powerful! Love Tony Robbins!

2. Avoid: there are / there is

I love the music!!!!!!!!

Itz hรคsszen -.-

How do you revise for english literature?

Could you do this for MACRO as well please!? Love your videos

Hi David, thank you so much. Your video is easy to understand, very clear and concise and a joy to learn. Im doing a university report and your video proved invaluable. Thank you so much.


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