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@VederchiHarry Yes, but defined would be the gray and black markets of economy. Greetings!!!

Who is looking in year 2017 or 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Butler has actively supported lesbian and gay rights movements and has spoken out on many contemporary political issues.

Welcome to 3AM.

I don’t dot my i’s what does that mean lol

I guess I will stay with supreme commander

Lets kill them all!! (Robots i mean)

THANKSSSSS dear mam this post are helping me

Turns out the book publisher was secretly making edits to the book. This was brought to Bradbury’s attention in 1979 and he insisted the publisher stop the practice.

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At approximately 9:56 you began your thesis statement with “I think” but my teacher said once that beginning your thesis statement with “i think” or “I want” for example weakens the statement but my question now is: Can I use “i think” for example at the beginning of my thesis statement or does this weakens the statement?

I guess i was wrong there is always always a “shirt that would drive someone over the edge”

This video completely flies in the face of one of the insights from the more recent video about Louis CK: effects matter, yes, but intent also matters. He did not wear the shirt to assert sexual dominance. He didn’t even pick the shirt himself. The shirt was a gift by a woman. You can argue whether it was appropriate to wear the shirt in such a public context and you can try to find out whether the colleagues (and potential colleagues) generally find this appropriate for their workplace when it’s not on TV — but you can’t blame him personally for being “sexist”.

The old music was better, it really gave me goose bumbs. But the message is still the same people! The music doesn’t change that!

Great Videos

Simply amazing!

but think of the proverbial butterfly, whose flapping wings, it is alleged,

Isnt a big part of buddha’s teachings the philosophy of the “non-self”?

Sorry for that bad English

Man this is tough

Writing a fanfiction for fun as I’m taking a break from the fantasy novel I’m currently writing! 🙂

So we don’t need to know price discrimination?


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