1:58:04 >>> Sounds like happy jazz to me 🙂

What about hebrew? the most old language?

“my heart is shattered into a million pieces!!” goes mighty red in the face from lack of oxygen?:)

LOL i want to drop out of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet it was hard for Obama to keep a straight face

Such a nice script!

No more cheesy jokes please

There were some sounds that were missed…maybe we’ll get a part 2? As the mother of a teenage son, I am familiar with most. Those that are saying this is incorrect are probably the individuals making the noises.

Hey John!

This is just a watered down version of Whyndam Lewis, with a few new pointers.

Glad didn’t finish school.

Free Markets ignores individuals. It pays attention only to money, how it can be made, and how it can be used. This is shortsighted and immoral.

This kid is 17? Jesus. The level of maturity and wisdom he displays is unbelievable. What an inspiration.

Brilliant technique!

“See you tomorrow, I love you”

This video legitimately helped me so much. I took my micro exam a few hours ago, I think I’m good. I had no idea about positive externalities and labor markets the day before. ACDC is truly the best source of economics for AP students. I recommended all the students around me to watch these videos, these videos make the study material so brief and concise. Thank you so much for spending time and sharing your knowledge to the world. I really appreciate your kindness Mr. Clifford 🙂

Does anybody know the man who gave up? i hope he feels or felt love… i hope someone will spark and renew his hope…. i hope someone knows him, his name, etc. 🙂

Stoner by John Edward Williams

I too, turned to the replublican and never vote democrat again!!

Just a random sample of statements. No deeper insight or learning after watching these episodes. There is no structure in this or storytellig to compell the viewer. Just a montage of varous expressions. The photography and lighning are OK.


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