The images ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thank you dear Liz. You are generous to share such wonderful lessons.

He looks like RUPAUL without the wig

In german there is a Word for literally everything

I agree with this video


I think we mostly agree here.

This game is easy, or is there more than one elevator


This sounds just ridiculous but since taking acid at only 15 I’ve had so feelings of depression randomly pop up and last a day or only a few hours, the realisation that my life is meaningless whilest I’m supposed to be going through school and looking forward to my life ahead of me is really sad and painful. I can’t understand how bad it must be for people that deal with this everyday for years and I had a friend that was depressed for a few years and I simply don’t understand how strong you guys are.

I am definitely in the time distorted historical event camp. I am biased however.

Oh, wait…

Look forward to more videos

Nice try. Stick to learning something and then commenting.

– John Wayne (Genghis Khan)


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