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Trump does not “speak like everyone”. If a sixth grader gave an oral report like Donald Trump speaks, any conscientious teacher would recommend tutoring for the child. Trump speaks like a poorly educated braggart, intoxicated enough that he doesn’t care that his every word advertises it. But he isn’t under the influence (as far as we know) & has supposedly been educated at good schools. So he’s either intellectually incapable of speaking a coherent English sentence or clinging to a single train of thought for more than 10 seconds, or he’s a cynical flimflam man who’s perfected the techniques of misdirection & the art of the con.

This commentary was so interesting!

Women will never be equal to men solely because they keep putting themselves right below us, women rant and rave about how a man’s life is easier than a women’s and how men have it easy but when it comes to marriage or some other bullshit where the man is expected to do something extra like paying or being there for your women the man needs to do it and when we don’t we are automatically not chivalrous or “not a man”. Women do this often and no matter how many times I hear about women who think a man’s life is easier than a woman’s it’s really not get that through your skulls life is equally as hard for everyone we are all human and we all feel the same emotions just in different ways… Human emotion is way too broad to describe in a movie no matter how many volumes there are to it, you interviewed 2000 people that’s a start but there are 7.300.000.000 individual humans with individual stories that women who was talking about how men’s lives are easier than women’s in my opinion does not even deserve to be in this great movie. I clicked the video to watch a great movie to see something I haven’t seen before but when I watched the one clip with that women it reminded me of everything i’ve already witnessed. I refused to finish the movie. plz no hate just conversate

Great format and entertaining presentation. Best one I have seen for logical process with examples. Thank You

(Ooh) never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)

Dumbf uses these because he cannot articulate anything and he knows the details of nothing. So, instead he tries to overstate and gild every corpuscle of mundane drivel that dribbles from his senile, agape gob, with grandiose language.

The population is about due for a cataclysmic readjustment. Stay tuned.

Great video once again!

Awesome Vid really enjoyed it. you have deffo made me want to get the game its 50% on steam too 🙂 thank you for another brill introduction

The shadow falls series by cc hunter

Google and watch:

1:00 Is that Karl Marx on the desk behind?

So all the boys mother has to do during the divorce is play this video and it’ll be over for the father.

How do you stop yourself from staring at someone?

Chutya pandith unsocial unhuman unscientific

Very easy language 👌

The part where he bitchslapped the baby seal and casually stole it’s skin was pure art.

Why do i feel a 9th grader indian student must be more smarter than this lot??

Sleep mode activated..shutting down


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