Man u are on point..

What she says about female attractiveness having nothing to do with the shape of the face is not true. Our bodies subconsciously recognise features which mark out genetic compatibility. The shape of someone’s face or the even the smell of their sweat can indicate a similar or dissimilar immune system. Two people with dissimilar immune systems will produce offspring with even stronger immune systems and are therefore likely to be more healthy. This is just one of probably millions of examples and each one of them could have different knock on effects. But the body innately “knows” all of this and our perception of someone’s attractiveness is altered accordingly. You should always go for those you find the most attractive because of what their faces look like. He/She will likely perceive you as more physically attractive also, and for the very same subconscious reason.

Best explanation, thank you very much sir.

Intro had me thinking it might be interesting


So.. one infinitieth is equal to infinity infinities

Thanks sir this really helped me. In one of my coursework in english i got a D.

Esto es arte

Fap fap fap

3:17 Frodo’s not a human.

The Very first rick and morty youtube episodes were Ruler 34 of back to the future

It is hard to cover everything. The main problem with a free market economy is corporations maximising profits do damage to others, e. g. pollute rivers, pollute the air, contribute to greenhouse gas, they tell lies to their consumers, they build shoddy goods. Every car adds to congestion and road wear. The economic system has no pressures to make corporations behave. Ideally those factors should be built into the economics. It is completely unfair of a feedlot to dump a city’s worth of unprocessed manure every day into a river and leave it up 100% to the people living downstream to shoulder the costs of cleaning it up.

To those claiming that one should take the course to understand NLP i say – you sound like a pyramid scheme pusher.

Sir plzzzz flamingo ka v video do na plzzzzzz….

Turns the wheat into flour and then sells it to a Baker for $13.00. The Baker uses

Destroying planets + gameplay similar to TA sounds like a win to me.

How is this not just nostalgia?

You are so amazing, Professor Clifford! Thanks a lot!

I disliked. Not because of Martin Shkreli, but because of charlamange

I’m only 14 and love watching (and taking notes on Crash Course), so much so that I’m now doing so for homeschooling). I consider this to be a better use of my intellectual potential.



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