Wow. I never noticed this.

I search this up because I had a science lesson and my teacher said to search up monarch butterfly life cycle. It’s great! I love it. It really helped me learn.

A single cloud, drifts in solitude, miles behind its companions, already ahead, bidding the sun farewell as it departs beneath a gold horizon and still ocean.

Thanks Emma for your useful way in teaching us

The fucks who disliked this video are the ones who enjoy being fucked by government.

Excellent lesson

That is through article #5 which is a ‘constitutional convention’.

Thanku sir

My English teacher put this on because we are reading the percy jackson book

I’m not a fan of this video…

2. What do you mean by “trying to do what Steve Jobs would have done.”? Would Steve Jobs go to YouTube and answer commens or what.. ?_?

He’s got good smarts.

Omg the audio is so annoying. like what the heck make it louder next time!!

We are the future…… shafts of light from the Universe here to create LOVE….to love and be loved here you will find the all the answers to every problem that ever has been or ever will be in one word and one feeling, all it takes is one thought the thought of love.

Rather than “much” (eg “much time”), I prefer “a large amount of” or “a great deal of”. We can also use “a large number of” for countable nouns.


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