Typo: some normal females are masculine*

Ridiculous to play those two great scenes from Moby Dick and not put it on the list.

That just shows u, not to ever trust anyone, like the wife trusted those old ladies. Overall great movie!


Brain washer and manipulator with characteristics of very good smooth talker. If you want to debate me in person you can.

Is that actually Obama’s or is that a actor

You’d should do the doc Holliday accent from tombstone

You guys need to make your scripts less corny.

Get some Aurther Miller up in dis bitch!!


I started learning German for the fist time 1 year ago. And after 2 or 3 months I realized that it has no practical purpose for me. I simply don’t use it in my life. So I stopped. I’ll only continue if I move to Germany or something.

Good class

We increasingly value empirical evidence (the basis of science) above other information, they have entirely based communication on those principles – beautiful.

Where does thought come from? Think about it

Can you come to my country to teach me cuz my teacher is good but i dont understand him


Inventing names is not a science, it is a scam.

Turks in Iran are 27,000,000

All the best people are non-rhotic

Chinese is not a language! Haha.. so many are saying they’re learning or know it!


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