1:16 “Jounrneys” lol

You are talking about brahmin-dalit marriage. Even kshatriya-brahmin cant marriage each other. Two people of higher caste cant marry each other. Anyway it is wrong.

What a mind!… and all his extemporaneous musing come out with exquisite structure

Great and nice explanation..thank you..

A super PC culture was created in the book? Minorities voices got louder? WHEN THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN!? This book is TOTALLY about the creation of a mass culture, the issues with censorship, and the disconnectedness that comes with technology but I NEVER GOT THAT THE BOOK WAS AIMING TO CRITICIZE PC CULTURE OR THAT RISING MINORITY VOICES IS A PROBLEM. In fact, Fahrenheit 451’s minority voices (book lovers) are actually the oppressed under their authoritarian government. The message I got is that those in positions of power should never dismantle individuality, freedom of speech, and freedom to protest (amongst many other unalienable rights).

Actually “manufacturing of consent” is a quote form Edward Barney’s book titled Propaganda published in the 30’s I think but that’s a good read…



Well… Frodo is a hobbit…

May I use pencil for writing essay?

Sir that is employee’s contribution or employer’s????? my book says we do not include employee’s contribution

@TheGeneralThings we dont need something outside our planet. We have sociopaths to unite against. Which is what is happening with the 99% movements and people rising up around the globe. You just need an us, and a them. Sociopaths are the perfect “them” because unlike racism or sexism, or other forms of discrimination, this one is actually useful to humanity. Like an immune system seeks out cancerous traitorous cells in the body, so should we seek out those who prey on other people.

While revindicating ‘queerness’ in some strange, cultist and glorifying way,

1st English teacher that had legit handwriting 👌👌

For story purposes, we need heroes with an obsessive devotion to not killing.

Some of you black activists complain that, “Our people have been under oppression for 400 years!!” Well, try THREE-THOUSAND years. The Dalits have been under non-stop, religiously-sanctioned oppression for 3,000 years. And that’s where black people in the U. S. are headed, though not religiously sanctioned.

He forgot to talk about the refusal of the call.

Do an episode on Walden please… Ap lang is killing me

If its and output question its talking the product as finalized product—1 car is worth a half a bike in this example


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