Big ups I have been looking for long intrumentals to study with I love this

Literally a legend

I loev your videos thank you for keeping it intersting pelase give me good karma i ened it

Hey, we got Shovel Knight from Kickstarter. I can’t hate it.


Btw pills make people worse from what ive seen. more violent. more depressed. not to mention numerous side effects that make you have to take more pills for fuck big pharma

AHA I FEEL like this video just turned into a rant on how we need tO LEARN OUR VOCABB! 😂😂😂

Omfg, kill me. The bitch doesn’t shut up so annoying.

So what do you propose? How would you run a country/world? Do you have an instruction manual that you could share?

More information can be found at http://bit. ly/1CigPeR

Many people undergo near death experiences. They have some contact with the divine. My co-worker told me about hers “NDE.” I knew that lady for twenty years and had no reason to doubt her.

Please, Please, Please Review the Song of Achilles! your opinion is really important for my esteem in this book!

Very interesting (^_^)

Surprised me to learn that American English has a unique R sound (Except with certain accents like Southern, Bostonian etc) I sat there saying words with R’s and feeling how my tongue was then trying to pronounce R’s in other languages. It is way different! Loved this video.

Well played Amy and Noam. Perhaps some fake news junky’s will start to look for real news. I as all other critical thinkers to Like and Share this video.

Chomsky, the man who supported the Khmer Rouge and dismissed any reports of genocide as Western propaganda, this is your hero.

What Asia developed morals without Jesus or Allah?!?! INFIDELS MUST BURN IN HELL FOR THIS!!


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