Ok but what if “Infinity” is nothing more but a human concept to label anything that we can´t see beyond and actually there can´t be anything infinite? “Infinite” might just refer to the entirety of the universe, every thing that there is and isn´t, but that is still finite, right? Its like: there can only be something if there can be not something (otherwise it weren`t anything). but both and are wrapped up in the same universe, which is enclosed in itself and which is everything that there is and isn´t. There cant or anything “outside” of that. Is that infinite? But can there even be something which isn´t? I mean it isn´t so maybe it just can´t be, even though we can imagine it to be… what

See you.

Guys guys who ever make fun of me I forgot the compound words

Trump! Trump! Trump!

Pretty sick of Tai Lopez’s videos advertised all over youtube. why so desperate to force your vids down peeps throats

Please do video on zen masters

So, you see, depression is not a stigma or even a mental illness.

I would disagree.

This “MAN” is a B*tch

Thank you Amy.

“You can use language to create a brand” clinton “I did not have sex with THAT woman ” it runs in the family.

Yep, she’s a linguist. NOT a psychologist. She is just commenting on his register and colloquial manner of speaking that appeals to the common person. I cannot even watch it all. Sigh.

Dear lord this speech action art thingy makes me, how did he word it using the allusion to Lolita, “cream I. Delight as the tongue trips across the teeth” ahhhhhhh

I’m going to leave it there!

Sience is amazing

Well explained!!!!

Someone wants it for 70 dollar they pay 50 someone wants it for 60 dollars they pay 50 hahahahaha brilliant

@Lorraineoconnor123 –> Good luck, Lorraine!

I’m quite confused, why does a manufacturer sell a product in another country with a lower price?


These types of advertisements are cancer

Marry me 😀 hahahaha


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