He even aroused great curiosity in Henry david thoreau great curiosity in India and transcendentalism. in his own words on

Me: ok lets write this essay, ok il just grab some music

Hello! what do you mean by 15% and 2% interest rates?

I want my hemi V8 ..!! Fuck that

Its damn awesome! i have seen many videos and listened live classes then too didn’t understand! Your explanation skills is marvelous!👌thanks💐

What if I believe that Jim should say yes to the soldier, then turn the gun on the soldiers and take out as many as he can? What philosophy would that fall in to?

>When your teacher can’t teach and Mr. Clifford IS your only econ teacher.-.

I like watchmen


She’s a political moron–he uses “believe me” when he lies. Someone pointed out this “tell” early on–one of those who know him–Mark Cuban or Bloomberg…. He’s consistent about it, like any con man. He inherited a govt FAR from “a mess.”


12:35 Can anyone please explain how this guy justified point? as there will be only 5 healthy hearts, which should be inadequate for six people?


…that technology can “save” us…

How we getting screwed, a crash course. Hehe

When are we going to get a video on The Big “The Dude Abides” Lebowski?

Hey mam u are very helpful for me in economics can you also plzzz make videos of history of 12 std it would be really nice for me… are doing a good job…thank you so much mam

Did anyone notice the Gallifrayin? Gallifraian? Galli-Gallifar – The language of the Timelords there on the right?

2. Avoid: there are / there is

I want to learn Spanish so badllyyyyyy!

Evolving language lmao

I LOVE this game! I hope they keep updating the game!

I just to be in love with anything Indian. But after watching this types of documentaries…..

!! What about the non-traditional jobs and consumers? I understand production is a big part of the economy, but can you answer, where does the scientist fit in?


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