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Thank youu so much for the video

T. P

This is a video on how to learn about economics, yet they are talking so fast is amazing anyone can learn anything from this video.

Exactly i agree with you

What kind of assets the US sells if every thing it’s produces is consumed domestically?

There is a contagious disease/virus that only has one cure. 200 people have this disease and cannot be cured otherwise. The cure is located at a research facility, where the researchers refuse to give it up. I blew up the facility and killed the 150 innocent researchers that were presently working there. I retrieved the cure and saved those 200 carrying the virus/disease. Did I do the right thing by saving the majority?

The cycle of self-improvement. Food for thought, thank you.

Ehdi bhain di lun sale d….jehra kehnda shoot shaat hona chahida aa….mili kite salea teri bund na paarh ti…..sala gasti da….

So happy Lolita made it! Truly one of the best novels ever written.

Thank you for acknowledging how weird the American r sound is.

Everyone stop listening just do work in silence

5: The tudeh were not Mossadeq’s only supporters. They were also socialists, not communists, as communism is incompatible with Islam. Mossadeq was overthrown because the Dulles brothers convinced Eisenhower that he was a communist because they had stakes in the british oil outfits that were upset about the nationalization.

Obama worked in the office full of clowns.

Colonise other planet and leave Earth alone

It’s their style, and I like it.


Thank you man you made it easy

This make me want to cry

To anyone reading this comment I recommend More Than This by Patrick Ness in which a boy dies and wakes up in his old neighborhood but there’s nobody there. Upon lots of thinking he figures that there must be more than this.


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