When he say you will be tired of winning

There is no word for thank you in dothraki. Do wtf did you say at the end.

Don’t be blinded, by his business success

What I wonder is: Are there any languages other than Icelandic where people speak in whole sentences while inhaling? We do that sometimes. It’s mostly done by women expressing shock or particularly juicy gossip. I’ve asked around and so far I know of no other people that speak in entire sentences while inhaling.

I’m native America and we believe we should honor Mother Earth this is not our land we borrow this land in exchange we take care of the earth and Mother Earth lets us live here we take care of land for future generations to be able to live better on this earth than us

He speaks like a guy selling Pirellis Miracle elixir


Alright at least three of these were sarcastic and while I’m pretty sure I could tell the difference, there’s a high probability that I still missed it a few times.

Many thanks, Ben!! Your insights about getting into the HR field are clear, helpful, and very encouraging. FYI – I am in a career transition, and I have identified HR as the next chapter in my life. Take care and good luck on all of your work! ~ Richard Jenkins (former teacher and education consultant.)

El tipo del principio a la izquierda bailando, me hace mucha gracia xD

I found waldo

I would rather not do anything about it and just let it all play out.

Great Viddeo!!!!

407 pedants…


Best RTS game ever in terms of Military cleverness and Tactics (and not any other nonsense criterion) is definitely C&C Generals ZH…. This game REALLY pushes you to the limit. Me and my friend are experts (or we claim so) we used to play it after every course exam (being college students) sometimes we play a match for 6 continous hours.

“lies the treasure you seek.” You mean “HOLDS the treasure you seek.”

But Our Government openly


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