It also help me with my homework to and my school test it was really easy when I watched this vido

Again what is “bad behavior” the “axis of evil” and darth vader versus the Luke skywalker and the good guys. The dynamics of being and the psychology of understanding is much more nuanced than such decidedly (unconscious) infantile (surface) polarization!

ترجمه تمام این دروس در برنامه من است که پس از شروع و اتمام به اطلاع میرسانم

Just wondering why the omission of the final stage of the heroes journey ( the part where he is of service to his comunity using the new gifts) … this is actaully the part tht keeps the magic going

Life saver

0:56 numberphile

They all missed what was really going on in the phrase “having our breakfast” from the diary.

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

No.. you really have to use Iodine. Food dye would pretty much stain everything the same colour. However saying this.. I have never tried it.

I think the amount of sabotage is way to high in this game, can it be adjusted? Otherwise it seems to be an interesting concept.

The first language is Romanian (Româna or the Roman language); all other languages (Latin, Greek, etc) have evolved from Romanian.


Can we take a moment: 7:53 that’s a liver, not a kidney!


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