Fuck this game from the start. Let’s not assume things. Unless you are some sort of god being who is omniscient, which is not. One person decides to kill off another person coz former thinks that he knows shit and its for the best.

Is this also the same thing as how to write an effective research?

Omg it’s a combination of kerbal space program and total annihilation

Typically but can vary.

This is fantastic! I love learning and you are a master teacher. Street Leverage is another place with examples of academic ASL…MJ Bienvenue has a lovely lecture posted…Will be watching for those features..thx again so much for all you contribute! And to ASLized for publishing.

What about Fahrenheit 451 – it should have at least appeared on the honorable mentions list

Slavs in BC???? BAHAHAHAH!!!!

Hi Liz, can we write Thesis first, followed by background statement? The above example sounds as shown below –

Can you release that “Conwayed!” picture to the public? I feel like I want to make it into a sticker.

“Stop waiting for change, and be the change you want to see.”

This interviewer showed disrespect towards Noam Chomsky. He was unable to follow through with intelligent responses because he was not well researched. So… it was embarrassing to hear the interviewer say he had searched for jokes that Noam Chomsky may have told. This put down reflected badly on the interviewer – not Noam Chomsky, who in my opinion has a very dry sense of humour as well as a fabulous intellect.

This ain’t about following the rule book

Hi could you post the assessment objectives for aqa link in the description? I cant find them :/

Biri hayrına Türkçe’ye çevirseydi..

There was Two more schools at the time of buddha charvaka school (atheist school), Jain school (slightly similar to buddha )

The guy speaks too fast.. I can’t keep up.

After watching this video I only have one thing to say. It is what it is.

The real trick you want to get yourself into, is knowing that you are completely the same as anyone. You both go through life with different experiences and different seperations of yourself (i am this, you are that etc) but when you take all that away, genetics, your hometown, then what is the real difference between the two of you? You both experience exactly the same feeling when you get uncomfortable, sad or just happy. Once you feel this, or realize this, you will start noticing that when you are talking to a stranger or a family member or a friend, you are talking to yourself.

What else could there be, beyond Order and Rules?

Whats the agenda?


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