Investigation Does anyone see smarter this vifep

Very well done! Especially including the CIA involvement but with appropriate context.

Reminds me of what David Mitchell does with his books. Recommend.

How did he keep a straight face during all of that?

DANG mr. Clifford this is awesome!

I appreciate the insight but my problem is with those who insisted upon making character judgments of Matt based on the shirt. He was grossly mistreated by some sections of the feminist community, resulting in the man breaking. These sects of the community were hell bent on belittling everything Matt spent his entire life trying to achieve which I find frankly deplorable. On the women in stem fields thing I don’t think the actions of one man really reflect an entire industry, considering that women thanks to affirmative action policies have a significant employment advantages in stem.

I love the New York accents

Luther kicked the hell out of that piece of shit Trump balloon. 😄😄🙌😈🍸

>👕 <

HAHAA lets enjoy the last days of this dying planeeeet peopleeee. As far a i am concerned this path of destruction has continued for years, the only problem is medicine, more poor people and consumers. SO its all over, and very soo the end will come, SO LET PARTY AND ENJOY WHILE WE CAAAAAAAAN

Your whole theory assumes that people are inherently evil by default, without even realizing it.

Could you explain shortage a big more? So when Shortage took place, demand quantity is higher than demand, and the price that is matches is lower the equilibrium price, how to explain this?

I love the way this video is put together! Great opening lines too!

It’s driven me nuts that people just say “easter egg” when they just mean reference.

So…technically Filipinos are bilingual considering we automatically speak 2 languages (English and Tagalog/Filipino) plus we speak native languages too.


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