Bernie was more of a straight talker; he combined straight talk with straightforward policy. Trump does a con man’s version of straight talk, and this linguist should be pointing that out instead of normalizing it. He doesn’t sound like any friends or family of mine.

That looloo advert is the coolest part of the entire clip.

I just got rick rolled in 2017…

Okay… And?

Interesting vid on linguistics. I’m the farthest thing from a Bernie fan, but as a language student, this was a fun video and he has a great accent to do a funny impersonation of.

I. e. using expansionary fiscal policy to reduce unemployment

I agree with this, but then how do we check on power? I don’t think it’s right that a government comprised of less than 1,000 people speak for hundreds of millions of people.


The “problem” with Rick C-137 it’s that he care. He care with everyone around him, and it’s exausting to be preocupied with everyone. And that make him a bad Rick, a damaged Rick, that tries to numb every feeling… I feel you Bro…

This is one of the most awesome rts games I have ever seen

What about language

Holy shit Dennis Reynolds is that you?

Brazil’s foreign policy is bad for us brazilians. This is because the BC artificially depreciates our local currency to export more, but it makes imported goods and our local products be more expansive for us own. But sadly, the exporters’ lobby is very strong here. Oh, by the way, thanks for the video, it helped me for the test tomorrow.

So..the romanian evolved from slavic? biggest bullshit video (that wants to be informative) i’ve ever seen! Thracian language anyone?

However, I agree with the underlying issue that bots will replace much of today’s unskilled labor, and how that will likely affect crime rate. But on the bright side, maybe it’ll force more people to be business owners rather than mindless wage slaves.

I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the video

But to feel like you have to have a sex change in order to be happy with yourself?

All indian people are asshole from other contry in this world..coz they are low caste compare other country haha. fuck u india..low minded..

I understood what viggo mortensen said in English, my second language, and in Italian, my third language…. but not what he said in Spanish, my native language. The fuck.

Where is this the common speaking except to toddlers. I admit I speak similarly to toddlers with a lot of clapping and gesturing. I will agree he has created a recognizable brand. It is always clear when anyone mimics Trump that he is who they are mimicking. She never analyzed how his “brand” is accepted. I can barely get through his speeches. The pre-written speeches are so deadpan and when he goes off on his own tangents, it’s just his usual blaming and complaining.


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