Except ghar wali bahar wali everything is right change example you will get more respect


Great video, I can only agree that learning languages is fun and cool. I speak german, romanian, french, spanish, english and japanese but only german and romanian fluent.

I’m learning German because it’s my mothers mother tongue, GOD is it confusing! But I enjoy it and it’s amazing how much I’m starting to understand

A great part of northern spain also spoke celtic languages before the roman conquest

Die meisten Leute sin Mehrsprachig eher, als einsprachig 😀

So was Spiderman and Guardians 2 improved through your eyes? I think they looked awesome.

The reason, why this is not true is simple. America doesn’t have to produce anything. It just needs to print the T bills and send it the rest of the world. God knows, it won’t last long, but I am not able to see why it can fail.


Hi, Are you going to do any videos for the new OCR AS specification? Only 2/3 weeks to go now 🙂 Thanks.

Dont ever do book lists again

Floral balaclava…

Look up mitochondrial eve on google

I can only watch about 1/2 of this crap until I shake my head in disgust at the ignorance of these people who inhabit this country. As I look at the antiquated train system and the cities with an infrastructure devoid of a freeway system, I have to ask “Why isn’t India moving forward as it should?” The answer is the caste system, sancioned by religion. It is said that the Hindu dieties created all peoples to live out their lives, staying rigidly within their societal boundaries, within their sacred castes. I believe that a scientific study of DNA, RNA, or whatever necessary chromosomal structure would reveal only very small difference between white people, black people, Asian people, Aboriginal people, etc. So much for that theory of God creating all peoples to be capeable of performing only the tasks in society as defined by genetic makeup.

I love all the HP quotes —–

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