Damn. And I thought I was smart for getting an A on my geometry test.

Trump is the ultimate troll; he is a great strategist, unlike Putin, who is mainly a short term manipulator.

Its it normal for parrots to live to 31

Nice video

Wouldn´t need more*

Hi David, for a literature review would we provide the reader with background information on that particular topic first or get right into the specific topic at hand? For example if I were to choose Management of Acute Ankle Sprains – Early Movement or Immobilization?, would I first provide the reader with information about ankle sprains and how it occurs, which ligaments are usually sprained, type of ankle sprains, etc…? Or would I go straight into the topic of early movement vs. immobilization assuming the reader already has knowledge of ankle sprains?

You know jack you should play Supermech it is a fun online game

Chsl 2017 topic is beti bachao beti padhao

I can speak Dutch, French, English and I am learning Spanish :p I have a Colombian friend so it’s nice to practice with him!

One thing I have come to believe about art/media/literature recomendations is that I should take them way more than I actually do. We all come from so many different walks of life and with all of the thousands upon thousands of books, movies, music, sound, video, etc. it is easy to miss the sort of thing we would look for. Not only is it a great excuse to try something new, but I’ve found some of my favorite stories from other people.

Hey Dani, another really helpful video, could you send me all the notes for economics? My email is joshuachen@hotmail. co. uk

Notice how all those against cannibalism are beta males and most females.

Lol, this was a depressing one, but I don’t see the situation like that.

Infinity divided by 0 is 0. I just beat the vsauce paradox.


Do classes take place like this in Harvard?

Hey, please may you send me some notes for ecnomics please, as i have a test on friday, and my email is alexander.


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