If not, null

I love Bernie sanders so much dude

”good luck with the health care” lol

Watched all your videos.. Hats Off to you sir!!

I knew that my favorite game (starcraft) will be the first!

Mit Gerätehalterung

Good advice, for the 30 marker personally I’d define the key concepts and introduce the scenario of the question in just one more sentence. Then I go onto making the KAA points as you’ve mentioned. Definitely I keep to the 1mark=1minute rule, but I do allow an extra 2-3 minutes if needed

There you have it. not all men are the same.

For those wondering how to be free yourselves, either A) go off the grid, truly off the grid B) make more in interest on the money loaned to you than the interest you’re paying on it.

Thank you for this video and all your other videos. Happy holidays.

Actually I think I found the meaning of life (or at least a meaning that i accept ) and the meaning of life is to search for the meaning of life.

This is so fake newsy

Okay, I surrender. Apparently, some Canadians do speak differently than those speaking standard American English. Even so, these differences are less than you will find from one part of America to another, so there’s really no reason for saying that Canadian English is different from American, except for trivialities. Also, despite all the talk about “Canadian rising,” the only differences that strike American ears like a police car’s siren are “out” and “about.” However, since it’s now in the morning and I have nothing else to do, I’m going to watch to watch this video again. One last thing: every time I ask someone if he is Canadian, I ALWAYS get an answer in the affirmative. What tips me off? Right, he has spoken either or both of the two magic words. It’s definitely not because he’s wearing a maple flag on his chest.

I want to be a part of this discussion…

Well I know very few scientifically inclined people, but those I know are all men.

I’m starting ap economics next week and I’ve been binging your videos all summer. Your videos are going to be a great resource through this next year thanks!

Its a damn shame…ok dependents on the Farmers…rationalize this…

I know people who speak like this 😂


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