I think danny3793 has confused certain populist movements w/ the reality of mitochondrial inquiry. We can tell that our maternal genetic reality traces all the way back to Ethiopia; not the Fertile Crescent.

Sir u r greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt best teacher


In my language (German) we really notice when the words change. E. G. the sentence: Es ist des Jungen’ Zimmer (it’s the room of the boy). This is the genitive case. It’s normal that the noun changes, but in german the article also changes. I don’t know if that happens in many languages, but it happens in German. And as you probably know that the noun cases in German are hard as hell, even Germans are sometimes confused of it.

Love ya great vid help me me undersatnd tremeiuosly

This song truly is pretty romantic if you actually listen to the lyrics. I say this because my guy-friend (I say guy-friend because we’re not dating yet.) has used the lyrics several times in “poetic form” as a cute message to me. C: I think it’s cute. But I also die a little inside every time he does it…

Ya lost me at the bible crap

Good video, plan to work my way through some of them. I’m a Geography student who has just started a course in International Economic History with no previous studies in either economics or history!

I really hate this.

Your enthusiasm cracks me up, thank you

Why would we need jobs in the first place if we fully automate? We could easily implement some form of UBI and just go ahead and live easy and unstressful lifes. Maybe we could even go ahead and just start giving things for free if needed. By that I mean stuff like food, water, housing etc.

Little inferno, little inferno just for me

This was amazing! Awesome work.

In Finnish, the golden haven of cases, numerals also inflect. Mostly they agree with the noun they’re describing, but it’s a little different with nominatives. For the rest of the cases, the numeral will agree with the noun.

Writing a random fantasy story c:


I’d rather say “dem Tisch”

Im 13 and i got 16-21

Thank you!

If Parker gave his consent and it was NOT morally justifiable, then how will you defend the armies of nation states which recruit people (who give their consent that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for their countrymen)?


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