Uber you don’t deserve a fucking penny for this shit. Go take your fucking garbage ideas and shitty business practices and shove them up your undeserving jewish assholes.

Tony is awesome in this video. He has fun, teaches great lessons, and gets the audience involved. I have his Personal Power II series and it helps tremendously.

Very helpful. Thanks a lot

With two languages borrowing from each other over a long time (not just Russian Polish with the oro/ro and the olo/lo lists) and bilingualism being very rampant, borrowings would tend to adapt to cognate like patterns. The last example with an oro in Polish might have become ro in areas where Russian was neither absent nor high status.

Caroline xox

Awesome video!

My god, it’s a nightmare!

Ok i’m out, i didn’t expect for liberalism propaganda. Government debt of japan is 230+/- % (104% for USA) of their GDP. It was around 50% in 1980…

7:35 is that Viserys?

Nice really good


Now we’re talking.

Eve could you possibly do a how to revise for religious studies I’ve got my first exam on Monday, so nervous and feel stressed out about it.

NO. no. no. Thinking about what your saying so that you are thoughtful and don’t waste people’s time that you are speaking to. When I hear him talk I see a bully and it’s a lot of speech with nothing backing it. “believe me’ because he feels not believable. He’s a salesman. That’s it. No substance.

This was painful

If he would actually try to actlually rap….. he would be ok

With petroleum jelly


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