He’s got spaghetti on his spaghetti already, moms spaghetti

Omg the Open O is SO TRUE ABOUT MEE

Excelente BUT in furbish its a little wrong cause in japanease dosnt have L, so “da no “la” wont work

Thats a pity.

“She got a big booty so I call her big booty” – Mark Twain

I had to write an art essay last week.

Are you afraid to ask him to comment on this topic?

Goddammit Paul.

Anybody who still likes this Ass Clown is a hypocrite and traitor to the US. Enough is enough… I’m sick of it.

It is better to let some be hurt through inaction, than to hurt some through action.

Very good indeed

Oh? tell me, do you know any egyptian philosophic texts?

I need a clarification :is it appropriate to introduce a point not originally part of the essay question? For example, you introduced ‘diet’ into the introduction above. Thanks for the clarification

Someone needs to teach Americans that clothes don’t come in “on size fits all”

Its my guy black science guy

Will Grayson Will Grayson

Indian should be wiped down from planet, need to be clean genocide, they have no right to live, than give all India to this untouchable people to live free!!

Board a vessel may be thrown overboard to save the others is sanctioned.

I would rather not do anything about it and just let it all play out.

Idc. if ur inner sucks. then u r sucks. (some of ma rules)

However, I suppose language has a more personal connection with you. If resurrection is possible, try to revive the oldest ancestor you have and asked whether language was used for practicality or for nuance.

Shouldn’t there be a “g” in “effing”?

I hate writing but I need to like it because for the examinations… wooh…. this is going to be pretty hard… Essay here I come!


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