When someone says hip hop is easy, theyre not wrong, hip hop can be extremely easy, for example ‘mumble rap’. But when hip hop is made into an artform and a way of self expression it is anything but easy, artists like, Rakim, Ice Cube, Biggie, 2Pac, Naughty by Nature, Eminem, Kendrick.. etc.. use hip hop as a storytelling divice, a paintbrush, a weapon, and therapy. A genre of music, where an artist is able to tell you a story that you identify with, and still make every word rhyme with every other word in the song, that is skill. That to me is hip hop

If you like Beethoven then you need to check this out:

Lol, so that’s the intelligence of harvard students? OK

Lol Romeus

1:17 you know shits about to go down when the song comes on.

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

I’m so happy for you and your brave decision of following your gut! I totally get what you said at the end about your year group being one year younger, but believe me, you don’t even feel it at all. When I entered college I ended up changing majors and ended up being three years older than my classmates which was MINDBLOWING to me, but it seriously is like nothing happened. You always end up meeting the people you have to meet, and making friends with the people you’re meant to be friends with. So yeah, I wish you ALL the luck in the world, (I actually wish i had thought of taking a gap year when I finished high school haha but it just never crossed my mind) Anyways, I already feel you’re going to have an AMAZING gap year, it’s going to be great! :)))

-do not learn stuff. Learn concepts and skills


It’s kinda weird that Adriene refers to Jacob as “Mr. Clifford”. Makes him sound like a pet st. bernard.

Very informative

1st English teacher that had legit handwriting 👌👌

Https://youtu. be/A8AAABCxjAU

Eu vi ela (spoken language)

Can someone please tell me what is this AWESOME MUSIC and who is performing it?

Why would anyone dislike this?

Hi Robert, I enjoyed our previous discussion on this topic but I must say that the evidence against a critical period for SLA is overwhelming. One major issue is that many researchers lack enough experience in successful foreign language acquisition Studies such as Johnson and Newport are extremely flawed. Here is a polyglot’s view.


Where are you, Paul?

This episode was much better than the last one. The fact that when telling a joke the actors stayed at the same pitch and volume as when they are not telling a joke definitely helped.

I hate niggers and beaners


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