I support Lao Tzu ideas more as its more neutral and less stressful for the soul.

This video kind of reminded me of Terence McKenna are you going to do him?

The problem with utilitarianism is, in short, the butterfly effect; determining your ethics by the consequences of your actions forces you to grapple with the fact that consequences are often unpredictable and inconsistent. If Batman kills the Joker, he leaves something of a power vacuum in Gotham (unless we’re talking about Silver Age Joker), which could give rise to an even worse evil. Or Harley Quinn could nuke the city in revenge or something. If the man shoots the native, the soldiers could just throw all the prisoners in solitary confinement cells until they starve, killing them even more painfully. Or the man’s involvement could influence foreign powers to get involved in whatever struggle was happening in that country, leading to a tangled mess of armies and governments like in the Middle East. Rule utilitarianism fixes this somewhat by considering more long-term consequences, but no system of rules can perfectly predict the consequences of a given action, so utilitarianism will always be imperfect. Of course, just because it’s imperfect doesn’t mean it’s invalid, it just means that it shouldn’t be taken as a given that x action will lead to y results.

It is a new idea to me to thinks of sexism as a pleasure like “winning”. That really makes a lot of sense to me. No wonder it has been such a struggle for equality. If my work as a scientist is equal to your work as a scientist and we are both equal then science advances, but if my gender equality threatens your sence of pleasure or privilege, then you must continually signal your response to the threat by undermining or devaluing my work or potential work.


Da$H& -.-

When drawing a PPF, you can use whatever types of goods that you like. Consumer goods vs. capital goods represents one of many different variations. The important thing to remember is that the PPF is a simplified representation of the economy: 2 goods, fixed resources and technology, and productive efficiency on the curve. Inside the curve indicates unemployment, outside the curve is unattainable in the present. For the AP exam, draw the goods that they tell you to draw. Good luck tomorrow!

Does look pretty fun. But if you think i’m paying almost £70 for a damn game…you are mistaken.

That was absolutely mind blowing!!! I’m hooked!!! Going to atch it over and over again till it’s in me!!

Love this game BUT NUKES NEED to make CRATERS. Anyway, great job and look forward to the release!

Fascinating and what a charismatic speaker, I have his book ‘From Hindi to Urdu’ which covers some of this ground and a very interesting read it is too.

Https:// v=vC9dWG3-IR8&t=10s best game

I love it!!!!!!!!!

Overweight and heart illness are a typical examples of the issues that can be …..

Thanks teacher!!

Well, first of all this “currency” is not “new”. As you said it’s as old as story telling itself, but you are talking about it like you are opening our eyes or something (at least how I felt). You coined a new term for an old phenomenon, generally called “fanservice”. “Brand recognision” is not exactly the same thing, but very similar in concept to “intersexuality”. In any case most people who are at least a little bit into film already know that concept, so making up your own pretentious term is not justifyed.

Stop acting like thus shits deep or something, anyone who’s above the age of 12 has realized this shit already. And, ironically, you decide to use sad music, one of humanities finest achievements and arts to say “humanty sucks” You can make ANYTHING seem sad with sad music.

I love the dead and the gone by Susan Beth pfeffer

Dear Olly, i am really afraid that the relation you have with history is distorted

9:40 – 9:50 What he answered is so true. Any one agree with me?

Crime and Punishment


CGP Grey is always so condescending towards humans. He’s forgetting that we’re the ones creating our fully automated robot overlords.


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