Hey Bill–I am using your site for my observation today…How have you been?



Don’t forget to go Through my video number 26…..

Do you see what’s going on here, in order to see in a third perspective you take the perspective of the volunteering man. Who goes outside of himself for the good of the group, meanwhile those men thinking about eating him are only thinking about themselves. What would happen if they all went outside of themselves for the good of each other?

Very good thank you very much

A mi me suena creo que es de litle inferno y gool of go

This scares me how much I can relate to their problems, I know I need to admit the extremities of my problems but I haven’t as then I have to admit that I’m really ill.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much. this video help me so much 😀

What a commie

“I spend 3.5 hrs online” yea? try spending 12hrs online

Emperor of India. :D. Yes, good what u said.

Thanks so much really appreciate it however could you translate the downwards and upwards shift into into outwards, as in school it is taught a different way

I wanna kill everyone in the room especially the bitch who’s acting like a cunt

I wonder how the talk has developed given the revelations about Lance Armstrong…

How about this, don’t turn the trolly because 5 workers are 5 times as likely to notice the trolly cart coming and get off the track, thus more likely killing no one.

How come I never heard about Dizzy kickstarter?!


That was amazing

Just gotta watch his eyes and see that he just hopes for the best.


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