It is very useful guidelines

Where does Vajrayana Buddhism originate?

If only my writing was that good! 😭😭😭

Im fluent in English and Spanish also learning Japanese and Korean…its hard tho ;-;

Barely hung on the edge of getting it but still got it

Suffer from bipolar as well

Thank you so much, it is clear explanation.

Very nice such a professor

Proves that justice and equality are completely different things

She says… alot of “ammmmmmmmm, aahhhhhhh” more practice

Tony one of the best public speaker in the world, I admire you Tony

IMHO “How and why we read” is one of the best videos on YouTube. But as for “how” we read, some of us need more help than just being told to be an “active participant”. Jon, how about a sequel to this video on the techniques of active reading? Not all of us have the innate literary ability of a best-selling author…

Existentialism gives my life meaning, weeeeeellll more accurately existentialism is a thing I can think about while existing as I give my life more or less meaning, or not, but possibly just to me or those who know about me or not, but I could be and probably am wrong unless it is important to someone, including me, if it is authentic unless I determine, in this determinalistic uni or multi verse, for myself that WHAT WAS I THINKING again.

I bought a new diary to write and Ma’am thank you very much now i will write as you said also new sub😂😁

Where is Chuang Tzu?

Lol this is a joke right? This is ridiculous but really funny

Thank you for explaining the MLA In-Text Citations!


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