The dude was shook 😂😂😂😂😂

What makes a entire population go nuts at the same time? I’ve never seen such overt hate directed at a single individual, much less an individual who’s only trying to help.

I love Noam Chomsky, but his voice puts people to sleep no matter how important or interesting is his thinking. What we just saw here and a condensing of Chomsky thinking with clever graphics….a great teaching technique. And believe me, US Americans need some schooling on this issue.

You are awesome, dude.

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉

That parrot is so stupid, that was clearly a 4″ long 1/4″ lag bolt at 1:18, not a nail, pfffft!

I don’t know what you can pull off it, but I allways love thinking in the metaphor of Scott fightings his girflriend’s exes (in real life or in his head).

How about explaining how Charlize Theron’s Grosse Pointe dialect in mad Max.

What came first, you intellectual? Culture or biology?

I found it cool how we all have a cave we fear to enter which holds the treasure we seek

How about work cited page? How do you do that for this essay?

Haters can’t grok something way above their level in its artistry.

You talk like Libshits trying to spin real economics so libshitism has a legitimate place, and maybe it does, at about 3% of it’s current influence and effect.

I’m a little shocked he of all people pronounced “Maori” wrong.

I was planning on using this in a training for employees outside the US… but the term “retarded” has made me change my mind!

Could you speak slow down? I can not keep up with the information.


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