Why so many dislikes? It’s ment to be funny.

The earliest occurrence I can think of of an internal rhyme that aims a creating an internal beat is in the Jungle Book actually,

I think only the Steam early access was delayed, right?

Apparently I’ve been both frictional and structural unemployed for almost two years now. Think I’ll just give up and call myself a discouraged worker.

God damn!! answer way too long!

Definitely one of the best videos on YouTube.

7 Actions for Rapid Language Acquisition:

For the 1st time ever the ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it explains for the 1st time ever the big picture of life, it explains how life works, the nature of everything and contains your. Google

Will you be doing a part 2? there are other accents in movies I’d like you to study.

Buzzfeed, I love this video. Maybe not everyone loves it, but I do. That’s all I have to say..

The greatest lesson I ever heard. Thank you so much, Liz!!

Thanks for teaching>< your teaching method is easy to understand and also better than my teacher's one.

My only hope is for a fresh start, a partial extintion of our corrupted species. The more i feel human the more i reek of death. I dont want to be this way. Can I be anothrr way? Orshould I just stop being?

This isn’t a histogram. its a bar graph.

Please do a video comparison between paper book and PDF


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