Sir, please indicate class, part and chapter in video i’m confuse. Thanks for nice video, this is very helpfull.

Fantástico video!!!tanks!!!!

Hi Raj I will try to upload more vedios

He is a man of God, not money, power or Satan. He is honest and truthful, too bad you don’t like the message, doesn’t matter, he won and we support him!

None of my friends, family members, acquitances and tramps have ever spoken like Trump.

It is two minutes to midnight and mt brain is bugging

Well, I studied some archeology and it turns out that the claims that women were gatherers and men were hunters were simply unfounded and we just don’t know.

Battle realms?

The sudden loudness is a no go for studying

Anyone studying blood brothers and poetry?!

This is one of the best videos out there on the topic of Buddhism. All things said are true. One thing is use your picture more wisely as some of the animations would be considered disrespectful as lord Buddha cannot be represented in a photo of any person. It would be better to use the drawings found on websites. I am a Buddhist myself so i thought I could give you some feedback. Sorry if it’s 3 years late


1:53 “cuba, the ussr and china were not real communism because the didnt managed to abolish the private property” “the rain dance wasnt a real rain dace because it didnt managed to make the sky rain”

Great explanation

It’s always 6 oclock around here!

I’m not studying I’m just stressed out

Morty didn’t do shit to free the people from unity he was okay with it that was summer trying to free them and even then it’s because unity was getting drunk and hopped up on drugs that they became free get your facts straight.

“we are a country united.. united in the fact we cant fucking stand each other” OMG i can’t stop laughing and replaying it!!

I didn’t want to listen to him lul


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