I am more than happy if you helping me or give me an advise.

How much do you suggest to write in an A* English Lit. essay?

Woah genny slow down… Like 9 levels perfect in a row! it’s a new genny record XD

Materialistic doesn’t mean self interested only. But even then when he said that the whole human race came to the aid of Haiti he was wrong. Empathy in society follows a bell curve.

Short and simple. Love it. 🙂

As a linguist, I would love to see what this scientist has specifically found out, because what she says in the video is pretty obvious and apparent to anyone who watches five to ten minutes of Trump’s speech.

I love you, my teacher, china


I am needing a data base like this one and I do not know how to create one. Is there a place that I could download yours?

Disgusting that they edited Carrie Fisher like that.

Found this entertaining as i did educating. Thanks for the video. 🙂

Some powerful moments. Shame about the feminist bullshit. Feminism does nothing but cause breakup of families and destruction of society.

Whens that mixtape coming out

I agree but I think they look for consistency and got it. I think is a great effort to make all your movies that are shot in so many different ambients look like they belong to one and other. It binds them together in a sort of way. But I think your point is really valuable

This nigga is weird af

Trumplethinskin has proven to be a savvy, experienced, sociopathic con man. And the Republicans are enabling his every treasonous act.


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