I totally agree with you, as I’m reading The Plague of Fantasies by Slavoj Žižek, he explains with lots of examples how it works…. it’s pure psychoanalysis and it’s a very interesting and difficult subject. You are a really good observer!!

Yet fools in every other religion trying to destroy buddhism & buddhist philosophy 😀

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So, who’s here because of Le Fossoyeur de films?

But even then, I feel like simple reference to a work or symbol or character without any proper narrative framing doesn’t really count in the way that intertextuality has been traditionally used or defined and ends up just being a reference.

I’m sorry but some these answers were bleak

I’m an employee for a company called the mission inn hotel. Until recently I loved my job because they inspired me to move around to other department a to help out when needed. I felt needed and appreciated because I was working to my potential. They have now implemented a new rule in which I can no longer help other department s, this made me feel unappreciated. My question is how do I let them now that I need this job to feel like I’m making a contribution to the company,? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you


I always questioned the idea of god you create everything but yet there is no proof I said fuck in the grand scheme my life may be pointless but while im here im going to contribute to the human race for future generations I dont care that in a billion years the sun we explode and wipe us out I found my meaning in life I had thoughts of offing myself and you know wat popped in my head my family even though their lives too are meaningless but knowing that they would be sad then and there I found a reason for living ik grammar but I had too get that off my chest

New Year!

I am slightly confused ( im dyslexic) ^.^ slight hummer, my own expense. I am given assignments with a clear instruction on what to do for example, define key characteristics of entrepreneurs and discuss. I understand how to discuss, for and against ect.. but I fail to see how I would make a thesis in that question? or is this specific for a dissertation? sorry if this sounds stupid, however if I am suppose to create a thesis from this assignment question, the best I could do is “All entrepreneurs have key characteristics, separating them from non entrepreneurs however not all entrepreneurs have a homogeneous set of characteristics, instead different entrepreneur groups have different key characteristics specific to that particular entrepreneur group” setting out to explain subgroups of entrepreneurs with key characteristics. whilst giving evidence in support of the characteristics with scholastic research, debating over what it is to mean key? perhaps common reoccurrences in a particular type of entrepreneur as a result of there believes, achievements, education and there set ups of business or businesses. ? how would I create topics? please help! so new to this!

This is awesome! TRUMP is awesome! Even the slightest hand gesture he makes causes Liberals heads to blow up.

Approximately lɑuˈtsɪ


For the true howling, yawping maniacs who actually create something from the future in the now, school is merely a machine we must rage against. If you emerge you will be ripped apart by everyone who didn’t follow you into that thicket, thought of as indecipherable or worse, and are the best chance we have for the human race for people to listen closely to–but few at least in this world have the attention or aperature setting to hear you. School is just where you learn that is true. A genius is just a heretic we don’t dislike *yet*…

What books are your guys favorites? Mine currently is Wide Awake by David Levithan

So leave the farm is simply to die.



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