Bad genius brought me here

There has never been a market in human history without a government. It is like having a human being without a brain. Labor and business is created by government.

Keep this up my brother, mad respect

Hey, what about being REAL?

JUDITH BUTLER: Don’t project the defective piece of humanity that you are onto others…

He’s a narcissistic moron with dementia.

Can I use your video for my video, Stefan? And would you like to see my vids too, I think you may relate a bit in what I say in my creations. I also try to grow my community ^^ It would be a honor to have you as a subscriber! Thanks already!


Shone sty surprised gone with the wind wasn’t on the list

is the President. If he was a plain old citizen, and you heard him on

My personal opinion: I think humans should strive to create something that allows us to create a simulation indistinguishable from this reality. That way we can experience everything the Universe has to offer in the duration of one human experience.

— Christopher Reeve (1952-2004)

Professor Dumbledore, is that you?

And there is a movement that is taking place called “L. E.A. P.” which stands for (law enforcement against prohibition) which is a group of law enforcement people saying “cops say legalize drugs ask me why.” which means soon the drug war will be over and that will stop crime in its tracks. cops and other gov. will be to put there time into real crime like murder. but most likely even the cops will be replaced by bots.

I love it right now I want ittttt

My music is sick, and you don’t know what ill is

I felt so bad for that 16 year old kid with the crazy mom. i recognized all those pills ritalin makes you a dosile uncreative zombie over time, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, mood neutralizing prozac. its just fucked up how shes made them proud of taking all those pills, with coca cola no less….

Promoting voice coaches?

But not the whole world


What you forget is that there will always be a system, so choose the best.


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