Damn white ppl be so mad

SJW’s motto “If you don’t agree with our views, We will take whatever we can out of context so we can be offended and call you a racist/sexist/nazi”

Why Dr Swami is not being considered for Finance Ministry? There are atleast 3 reasons that I can think of.

Nothing in this video,

I ease the pain with molly and meth,


I have a doubt isnt it called the PPC, production possibility curve or is PPF nad PPC the same thing.

Thank you very sir, I am student of Human Resource Management

Coming from someone with attention issues and being unable to fully listen to people for long periods of time, this spoke to me beautifully.

I like the ending lol

Google Hangouts: Gfomitchev@

His Spanish is good.

I don’t think Friedrich Nietzche is best described as a nihilist.

Niharika mam…

I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I listened to the music. I am completely melted after watching this.


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