So is it “people’s” pleasure? think you mean “men’s” pleasure.

Who the fuck let blanchett play bob dylan though

He gave up to soon. and should had his wife speek in klingon every now and then.

Jennifer Sclafani needs to go back to school.

Gimmie dem strawberries πŸ˜€

Pls i need a rts 2d like the one in the thumbnail, one that has massive battles with hundreds of guys battling at the same time!! HELP!!

How the fuck did they run out of funds?πŸ˜©πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜•πŸ™€πŸ˜ΏπŸ’©πŸ˜ΎπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί

I have a question, if the question has 2 lines then asked about advantages and disadvantages with the reasons.

All the freak-loving Hillary supporters on here disrespecting OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP are just downright jealous that their career criminal, traitorous, low intelligence lesbian cunt did not prevail. There is a God!

Do you actually think that those rappers are actually aware of the complexity and create all of it by themselves? You must be nuts. They hire talented musical professionals, who studied for years, and get payed utterly much, to creature this “art” as you call it. Do you acutally think that Kendrick Lamar and his fellow rappers have even the slightest bit of knowledge, understanding or talent to achieve this musical level? Their fame and therefore their gained wealthiness gave them the opportunity to employ those professionals, who do most of the work for them.


Its like talking to a religious person*

Essive-formal – As something (fakΓ©nt – as a tree)

Now I understand the cool kids at school…

As for the “metric ton of physical and historical evidence”, I’m not sure what you refer to here. You obviously know something that most historical linguists and archaeologists don’t, because most of them side with some version of the “steppe homeland” hypothesis.

I guess this is what Jared is up too when he is not supporting Pied Piper.

Superb teaching

Jack plz make this a full sires this is like little inferno play more

Why did i not find this channel before? I have an exam tomorrow damn I love you!

Frank Kameny, one of the most famous figures of gaylib from the 60s onwards had contacts with Nambla as well,

Where can i get the vibe meter?


Now the next thing to know about them going to reviewers why they’re hack are you doing all this stuff. Well, I think there are three reasons, probably, why you’re doing all this stuffs in school. In the first one, off course, to improve your own understanding, as an undergraduate researcher coming into these topics into this discipline on the undergraduate level when the first link to you have to do is to build your understanding, build your background, build your expertise in a particular discipline in subject in that discipline. Then in of course in this paper, when you have built your expertise in your knowledge in this particular subject you’re going to be demonstrating that knowledge, demonstrating that expertise to your professor because this is a college assignment. But you know, the real purpose of a literature review is, it’s a reader service, it something you doing as a favor for your readers, what are you doing you are bringing them up to date.

I’m not sure how the presenter can say the 1979 referendum for an Islamic state was ‘free and fair’. It was in the aftermath of a violent revolution that killed thousands and with electoral machinery in the control of revolutionary forces. This is if concern as all subsequent ‘elections’ have either been rigged or candidates selected who are fundamentalists. No opposition is allowed. Core human rights are violated every day and the religious hierarchy is massively corrupt eg. Bonyad religious charities having access to massive government and charitable funds without accountability and creation of monopolies.

…I totally didn’t know John was the author of A Fault in Our Stars


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