I will save you the time;

Now were here at 28.52 Prozac!!!!! see i new it! BIG PHARMA in action! Prozac nation!!!

This is pretty much getting a 20 quadrillion dollar home and then destroying it whith out us even knowing how dumb are we

You are awesome!

Lova ya thanks

Why is every comment on this video about studying.

A very big thanku to u sir……. 😊

Steve Jobs is an excellent example of the kind of leadership style that promotes great culture – and Apple is a great example of how great culture translates into success. The aspects of culture he refers to here, namely effective communication, participation, trust, teamwork and liberty to express one’s ideas all contribute to how employees feel & make them want to work for this organisation, almost regardless of financial reward. These non-financial rewards are important in Higgs’ Total Reward Framework that, when applied properly strengthen psychological contracts between employees and their organisation. This is clear in loyalty, commitment and effort Jobs describes he is getting from his employees.

I tried looking for the video how to write the body but I couldn’t. I found the one on how to write an introduction and I am going to try to develop the body based on it as you mentioned at the end of the video.

Don’t know why he has to speak so fast, so rush, as if he needs to do so to maintain his existence

Rise of nations ✌️✌️

India Dalits, disgusting caste, the cruel government of India

Hell yes! thank you I spent an hour re-reading the text book and still couldn’t comprehend.

Pause 17:03. I have no language parent..Where can I find something like THIS?

But If anyone has a better idea, please, I’d love to hear it.

Wtf is this about


This video put more fuel in my existential crisis tank


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