Dude I was having SO much trouble with this. Thanks SO much. You give a better explanation in a few minutes than my teacher does in over and hour.


Incomes of consumers

Trump has his own money he earned. Liberals make their money by ripping off tax payers and selling out this country which is why we have a 20 trillion dollar debt. Man you people shouldn’t breed you are so stupid.

Guys who wants to make a movement

Diagram representative of TP, MP, AP

Looks good! If only I was good at/enjoyed RTS’s

Stick to your own damn subjects people!!!


Wait, isnt Rick’s entire meaninglessness of mental and emotional states, solely because his wife is blown up by another jealous Rick, after discovering teleportation? So then wouldn’t that be Jealous Ricks, attempt to make Loving I have a wife and Child Rick, himself, again, So as to discover dimensional hopping, and thus become Meaningless I’m in pain, Rick?


Thank you sir. All i need is to pass the test with a D or C and itll be all good!!! After my first semester in college, my biggest mistake would definetly be taking this class…

Red Alert 2

Final in 3 hours lets see if i can pass xD

@jodiecongirl they are getting better. hopefully you are putting some sound absorbers up around you to help with the acoustic. I bet even hanging some towels up just outside the shot would really help.

How could anyone dislike this film?

It’s sad that even on a video that has nothing to do with religion you can find people arguing over it in the comment section. Just let people believe what they want to believe and get along with each other.

@LetsDoThiis both should be equal.

Thanks Niharika….Thanks a lot for support us to speck english flently. your episodes are very interesting and useful. i would like to inform you that pls. give some examples for everything. i think it would be very great and better understandable. one more thing just train us about story telling capacity and how to improve that. also accents. Waiting for my needed episodes what i have wrote. Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

What song?


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